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Modern education has brought forward various opportunities, avenues but it needs to be handled with care. We are passing through an important phase of academic innovations, vision and several attempts are being made to make it more productive and fruitful for pupils. Such sweeping changes in the academic system have also brought ahead hazards which one needs to be completely aware of. The old academic system which is slowly but steadily being replaced by the new one needs proper care during this phase of transition.  As the modern educational system has been made student oriented the role of a student has become pivotal in this changing academic scenario amidst all possible distractions.Every student must take extreme care of his regularity in studies as it can either mar or make his career bright. Consistency, regularity and hard work are the pillars of success for anyone who wants to touch the zenith of achievement.  Students should always keep it in mind that failures are the pillars of success. Instead of getting disheartened at failures, one should try to learn from ones failures achieve one’s goal. It has rightly been said, “Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan child.” If one works hard success has to come his way Thus our fate largely depends on our deeds. It would be relevant to quote
“Trust no future, however pleasant
Let the dead past bury. Its dead
Act, act in the living present
Heart within and God overhead .” 
May God bless my pupils to achieve laurels in their public life with extreme humility in their personality.


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